Even before graduating, I have been involved in online marketing. I began whilst working for a major UK university, helping to create their online presence and growing their communications with students using new and traditional media. I have been involved with online marketing campaigns for several years working at a number of household name brands such as the AA, Gocompare.com and Dyson. I am a failed startup founder with Typefonts.org, a typographic search engine and Holtly, a modular home marketplace. Recently I’ve been writing a personal finance blog at MoneyArk.

Here on my blog I write on a variety of topics such as SEO, Social Media and Online PR, as well as offering South Wales based businesses quality digital marketing services to maximise their presence online.

I hold a BSc Hons degree in PR and Advertising as well as an MSc masters degree in Strategic Digital Marketing and have written for a number of industry publications such as Econsultancy, Moz and the Content Marketing Institute as well appearing on major media outlets such as The Guardian and the Metro. I am also a semi-regular conference speaker most recently at BrightonSEO and the Digital Marketing Show in London.

FAQ’s about me

Are you a Mac or a PC?

Sadly I’m a PC (though I plan on changing as soon as I can afford a Macbook Pro). Combining a laptop with a nice big monitor saves so much time with all the benefits of dual screen but with the added advantage of being able to unplug at any moment and dash to a meeting with all my work/data at my fingertips.

What drink gets you going in the morning?

Unlike what seems like the rest of the office dwelling world, I’m not really a fan of tea or coffee. Most mornings I stick to water but it’s pretty hard to avoid food and drink for too long so most days I’ll grab a Diet Coke for a mini caffeine burst.

What’s on your music playlist? Do you have a music preference per SEO job?

Usually something mellow for most of the day. Although if I’m on long analysis job I usually end up with some Swedish House Mafia to get me through it. My last.fm account is actually part of a cool post by Steve Morgan on SEO music tastes.

What can’t you operate fully without?

Sleep. Some people are really good at operating on a few hours sleep but i’m definitely not one of them.

Do you have a lucky charm or mascot?

Not a charm or mascot per se but I am quite superstitious about the number 27. It’s been my lucky number since I was little. I even have it as my number on the back of football shirts.

What would be your perfect office setup?

I’d love to be able to work remotely from a stunning location. I’ve always been pretty envious of anyone who can mix travelling with work. I remember seeing an interview with Paddy Moogan about his experiences and immediately wanted to do something similar.

What are your favourite blogs?

Vicadvisor, SEObytheSea and Buzzfeed (obviously)

If you’d like to know anything else about me, getting in touch is easy, connect with me on LinkedIn or even easier, just send a tweet at @andrew_isidoro