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Freelance content marketing in Cardiff

Content marketing is arguably what differentiates a business online; often defining those that do well in the digital landscape from those that do not, helping with customer acquisition, search engine rankings and social media exposure.

It’s no coincidence that many of the most successful online brands invest time and resources into the production of regular, interesting content for their audience to consume. This is beyond a mere exercise in copywriting but a strategy that reaches out and connects with key market segments by providing them with content that resonates and begins a dialogue – all with the view of turning brand strangers into brand advocates, consumers and an exceptional income source.

This connection goes way beyond the first reader, driving social media virality as well as the content that you’re producing helping to send relevant traffic through search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Cardiff based businesses need to put effort into content marketing now and quickly reap the benefits across social mediaSEO and customer acquisition.

Content marketing services

Our content marketing services include:

Content inventory

Content gap analysis

Editorial strategy

Content production workshops and training

Editorial calendars

With years of experience in using content within digital marketing, I can help you strategize and execute content marketing programs that tell your story in a memorable, effective and measurable way.

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